Lyndsey M. Olson - Racist, Domestic Terrorist

Lyndsey M. Olson is the Saint Paul City Attorney. Prosecutor Olson's own colleague, John Lesch, said that Prosecutor Olson is "willing to commit misconduct" to terrorize Saint Paul residents. In a desperate law suit to silence the truth, Prosecutor Olson sued Mr. Lesch for defamation. Prosecutor Olson is a whack job and prosecutor from hell. At the Saint Paul City Attorneys Office, Prosecutor Olson has, inter alia, engaged in acts of terror, assault, torture, kidnapping, and obstruction.

Violent Domestic Terrorism, Assault, and Kidnap

Between her join date and present, Prosecutor Olson maintained domestic terrorism to obtain evidence in a civil case. Specifically, Prosecutor Olson continued a facially unconstitutional prosecution to violently attack and silence innocent citizens accused of criticising Minneapolis law enforcment violence. During the raid, Prosecutor Olson's victims were thrown, beaten, and kicked. Indeed, Prosecutor Olson's goons kneeled on the neck of her victims. Even more egregious, Prosecutor Olson's maintained the raid witout apology to conduct civil process service on behalf of the City of Minneapolis in what became similar George Floyd type violence. Evidence of Prosecutor Olson's conduct includes numerous photos, sworn statements, testimony, bruises, and hundreds of verified documents from the City of Minneapolis.

Lengthy Violent Domestic Terrorism, Assault, and Kidnap

Prosecutor Olson sent her victim to jail for an entire year to further silence her conduct. The Minnesota Supreme Court later vacated and overturned Prosecutor Olson's actions on First Amendment grounds. During Prosecutor Olson's torture, the victim's mother, one of the first female Army officers in the Minnesota National Guard, died without her son. Prosecutor Olson's torture is a disgrace to the United States Army. Even more egregious, Prosecutor Olson even opposed hearings to allow them to be together.

Allegations of Rigging a Jury

To effectuate her conduct, Prosecutor Olson is believed to have rigged a jury and further enabled witnesses to engage in communication with judge Sophia Y. Vuelo before trial. Specificially, Prosecutor Olson was able to procure two (2) high profile female attorneys, including Carey Bollinger, daughter of Lee C. Bollinger, president of Columbia University. Ms. Bollinger is a Harvard trained lawyer who magically appeared on the jury panel. In a statistically impossible move, Prosecutor Olson somehow procured failed Congressional candidate, Teessa Stanton Collett, a Saint Thomas law professor, to fill her other jury rigged panel location.

Lyndsey M. Olson v. John Lesch

Prosecutor Olson has attacked Minnesota state senator and former Assistant Saint Paul City Attorney John Lesch because State Senator Lesch - who served in the same National Guard unit with Prosecutor Olson - said that everyone knew Prosecutor Olson is "willing to commit misconduct." As described below, Prosecutor Olson commits significant "misconduct" in desperate attempts to ruin other people particulalry miliitary families for the sake of her career. Prosecutor Olson should immediately resign and be disbarred. Prosecutor Olson should no be dishonorably discharged from the United States Army.

Sits By and Idly Watches Torture

Similar to George Floyd, where Minneapolis Police Officer Tou Thao sat by and watched, even using force to prevent citizens from saving Mr. Floyd's life, Prosecutor Olson used her office to prevent her victims from obtaining relief from her torture. This is further evidenced by Prosecutor Olson's deliberate attempts to bring phony criminal charges over a video, and, most importantly, her use of extrajudicial conduits with which to vindictively attack her victims.

Failure to Protect

As described below, Prosecutor Olson has been aware of several failures but failed to report:

Revenge Pornography

Prosecutor Olson failed to report lawyers to the Professional Responsibility Board for acts to direct racist revenge pornography schemes against hundreds of black men.

Stephen and Mary Ellen Heng

Assistant Saint Paul City Attorney Stephen Heng and his wife, Deputy Minneapolis City Attorney Mary Ellen Heng, were engaged in acts to cover up serious felony conduct. Prosecutor Olson knowingly enables these actions.

Misconduct of United States Military Officer

Prosecutor Olson maintained her torture to enable commanders of military bases to engage in domestic terrorism.

Stephen Christie

Saint Paul Assistant City Attorney Stephen Christie was known to harassed many female attorneys over the years.

David McCabe

Saint Paul Police Officer David McCabe who was known to leak phone calls and engage in tabloid sport to go after black men in documented WCCO news articles was never reprimanded or fired for his acts to engage in pre-trial communication with Sophia Y. Vuelo, and, most importantly, for his felony conduct.

Sophia Y. Vuelo

Proseuctor Olson is aware that Sophia Y. Vuelo was caught engaged in a sex act with a Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy in chambers but is believed to have failed to report the instance to the Judicial Standards Commission.

Robyn Bata

Proseuctor Olson is aware that Ramsey County probation officer Robyn Bata was caught engaged in a sex acts with inmates but failed to prosecute the sexual assaults.

Lyndsey M. Olson is a danger to all Saint Paul residents and United States citizens. Prosecutor Olson's evil conduct casts a long shadow over the City of Saint Paul for hundreds of years to come.

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